We enjoy being in God's presence and He is at the center of our worship. Our worship is in a relaxed atmosphere, beginning with tea and coffee.

All Together

We worship together as a family with space for all ages. Children matter, even the youngest as they will absorb much of what is happening, including the singing, while they play.


Music is varied. Picked for the words, linked to the bible verses and theme being looked at during that time of worship. We sing many 'old favourite' hymns along with newer hymns, songs and choruses.

Family Church at 10:00am every Sunday

Our worship begins by coming together over tea or coffee, God's people meeting in fellowship to worship God in the presence of the Holy Spirit, through worship and praise of God, looking at things we haven't got right and thanking God for His goodness. Then we explore God's word by 'telling the story' and thinking about what it means. We finish our worship by taking what God has said and letting it guide us as we look outwards through reflection, sharing news, praying for others, and committing ourselves to the service of God and His people.

We share Communion during Worship on the first Sunday of the month.

'Evening' Worship at 4:00pm on 2nd & 4th Sunday

Coming together over tea, coffee and sometimes a toasted teacake. Sharing fellowship as we worship God through the HolySpirit.